Intra-Office Messaging

What's our story? Who are we?

SideNotesIM is created for small-to medium-sized businesses that need a simple and secure office messaging system that does not require the internet or a dedicated server. The first SideNotes program was designed in 2008 and is now continuing to be developed and sold by BlueNote Software, an indie communications developer located in Plano, Texas.

If you have any questions, ideas to improve the functionality of SideNotesIM, or just want to tell us how our programs are making your workplace more efficient, we'd love to hear from you. Our software is built on the suggestions that many of our users share with us. Also, if you discover that you need the software to do something that it doesn't (yet!) you can email your feature request to sales (at)

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We also make specialized Intra-Office Communication Systems for Medical and Dental Offices. You can try BlueNote Lights and BlueNote Communicator by clicking here.