Intra-Office Messaging

SideNotesIM is plug and play office messaging software

Installs in minutes and is immediately usable. The program configures itself and finds other users on the network using peer-to-peer networking technology without any network administration or IT department assistance.
Supported on any computer connected to a local TCP/IP network that is running
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
SideNotesIM Navigation Bar
Compose a new message using the Type a Message tab, and see what messages you have sent or received with the History tab.
Set your status when you go to lunch or a meeting. You can also have SideNotesIM auto-respond to incoming messages with your status while you're away from your desk.
Chat with all co-workers at once using the Office Chat tab.
Place your client into Do Not Disturb mode. This mode will mute all tones and popup alerts. Incoming messages will only be received in the History tab.
Quick Keys are used to quickly insert a predefined message into the compose message window or to send predefined messages to a predefined group of people with a single mouse click. Options for these keys include:
  • Define the message color
  • Send message immediately
  • Assign a custom recipient alert tone
  • Assign a Windows system hotkey
  • Assign a message group for single click messages
SideNotesIM Quick Keys
Active Users

Users and Groups

The Active Users tab will show who is online and available to receive a message. In addition, you can see a user's DND status, or a status message they have set. Status Messages are also stored for viewing when a user goes offline.

The Groups tab allows you to define up to 10 groups. Groups can be used for departmental messages or for quick access to an individual user. You can also use them in your Quick Keys.

Bottom Line

The notification bar will show your active username and remind you that your DND, Status or Auto-Responder is currently active. You will also be notified when a new group office chat arrives.
Do Not Disturb


Status and Auto Responder