Intra-Office Messaging

Wait for it...wait for it...

Those enhancements that you've been asking to have incorporated into your office messaging system? Well, they're coming. As in soon.

Version 2 of SideNotesIM is in its final beta testing phase and will be taking the place of Version 1 within the next month. Included as a new feature is the ability to see which users are online and which are offline, as well as the ability to send messages to offline users. You'll also be able to set the User Window to show each user's status (in/out) as it changes through the day. And so much more, but we'll save that for later.

If you're a current Version 1 user, don't despair - your obsolescence is not only planned, it is inescapable. But upgrading is free. All current Verson 1 users won't be charged to switch over to Version 2 once it becomes available.

There. That wasn't too painful now.